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1. Botox

Usually botolinum toxin is injected to remove wrinkles on the face resulting from contraction of muscles. It is used for crow’s feet wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between. eyebrows, The principle is that if refined botolinum toxin is injected in the desired facial muscle, it will paralyze muscle causing the wrinkles to disappear. Injection in the dermis is also used. The effect of wrinkles disappearing will occur from 24 to 72 hours after the injection. The highest effect will be from the 2nd week and will last for 4~6 months. If procedure repeated, the effect will last long, making intervals longer. It is effective for wrinkles that can not be removed by laser or peeling. Since it does not cause of problem for daily life, it is helpful for busy workers.

2. Filler

In the skin, hyaluronic acid which is mostly distributed in the skin, being a polysaccharide which some is contained in the human body, acts as an intercellular substance which combines cells in the epidermis and dermis. One hyaluronic acid molecule can absorb up to 214 water molecules. Synthetic hyaluronic acid is effective for deep wrinkles, middle of the forehead wrinkles, wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, and at the ends of the mouth. It can create full lips and also is used to cure acne scars and in atrophic areas. The lasting time of treatment is around 8 months to 2 years, depending on the area and type. There are calcium substances and PAGG which last longer than hyaluronic acid. As the effect is longer, it is especially preferred for nose augmentation or nasolabial fold correction. There are other filler products other than these coming out into the market, differing in usage and lasting time.

3. Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP

The principle of PRP is using plasma that contains 2-6 times more platelets whose pH ranges 6.5-6.7 or plasma that contains over a million platelets per mm3 containing growth factors that are secreted by the platelets, which collagen regeneration is induced. In the case of aging skin, skin texture and tone improvement, wrinkle improvement, moderate dark circles injecting PRP can be done to the wrinkle or aged skin area. If used after fractional laser surgery, it will enhance laser effect.
It is more appropriate for people in their 30s or 40s whose skin has started to age rather than people in their 20s. Plasma gel which is made by coagulating the blood of oneself is used like a filler, so it will be effective for those in their 20s with dark circles and acne scars. If both cheeks are sunken, it can also be used to fill them to make a natural facial outline. The effect of PRP improves overall skin problems, and since it uses blood from oneself, there is low possibility of side effects. As its effectiveness is not yet fully studied, there is still room for further development along with stem cell treatment.

4. Radiofrequency with suction

It coagulates skin protein by delivering heat to the deep part and cools the superficial skin having the effect as if the skin were ironed, and by inducing synthesis of new collagen, it has a long term effect. Not only does the skin become elastic, but the radiofrequency with suction devices lifts up deep wrinkles making them better and by using the suction power, pulling facial skin toward the ear, it can achieve 3 dimensional rejuvenation by having a lifting effect like facial lift. It has been favorably commented in dermatology journals. Also as heat is concentrated at the dilated pores, pore contraction is big.

5. Fractional laser

Fractional laser scans and shoots laser beams on one fifth of the surface of the skin, and usually uses the thermal effect that happens at this time. There is the non-ablative method that uses Er:glass and the is the ablative method that uses CO2. For 3-4 days a scab will slightly appear and then disappear. It is synergistic to proceed jointly with high frequency and can be used for purposes other than aging skin such as scars and striae.

6. High intensity focused ultrasound (Ulthera lift procedure)

High intensity focused ultrasound called as HIFU-KNIFE originally has been used since the 1990s for treatment of prostate cancer and breast cancer. But by being able to transmit heat energy to the muscle and the fascia layer located deep inside the skin is lifted, the face after. checking the targeted fascia layer and muscular coat. Althougn the conventional high frequency devices affected collagen in the cutis, ulthera fundamentally deliver energy to the fascia layer which is the cause of skin droop. high intensity ultrasound shot is focused at 3.5~4mm deep in the skin. At that point, heat coagulation is formed, and because of the heat from this, instant tightening and healing occurs. In the healing process, cytokine which plays the role of producing new collagen comes out, thus brings improvement in wrinkles and skin drooping. If dual plain procedure which heat coagulates both depths of 4.5mm and 3mm is used or radio frequency devices are used together, the effectiveness can be enhanced. As it generally takes 30~90 days for collagen to reproduce, the effect become better after 90 days than right after. If eyelids droop and block your view, without excision of the upper eyelid, most aged eyelids of people in their 40s-60s can be cured with ultrasound ulthera, and drooping lateral eyelids in their 20s-30s is improved

7. Laser cyclic treatment

Laser cyclic treatment cure pores, wrinkles and blemishes all at once
It is a method of treating various aging skin problems such as pores, wrinkles, blemishes or age spots all at once. If the lasers are proceeded in the way of cyclic therapy, it can overcome individual different, better than repeating to use one type of laser. As each target and effect is different to each laser, cyclic treatment can provide an overall cure for aging skin problems. Also it can reduce the tedious and side effects of using one type of laser.

8. Fat transplant

It is a inserting your own fat to make your skin volumetric. It can cure wrinkles and facial volume loss near the eyes and on cheeks. It is a more fundamental approach of anti-aging. By extracting fat from the lower abdomen, outer side of the thigh, buttocks, etc. where fat is over accumulated, there is another effect of reducing local obesity. It is also useful for scleroderma anetoderma, breast augmentation and deep wrinkles. Fat can be absorbed after being injected, but if various sophisticated techniques such as FAMI technique which carefully injects fat in the muscular coat, stem cells extraction and transplant, mixing PRP are used, fat absorption will be reduced permitting permanent correction.

9. Thread lift

Thread lift it a method of pulling drooped skin tissue with gravity by using threads that have a cog. Named with fancy words like magic lift, happy lift or miracle lift, all of these are in the category of thread lift. Thread material must be safe enough to be used for the heart. If technique for gathering normal soft tissue is used, there will be the effect of ‘re-positiong’ using your own skin. Especially by pulling both cheeks, it is effective for saggy cheeks, wrinkles, eyebrow lift as well as nose surgery which lifts the tip of the nose or makes it narrow. It can be loosen as time goes by, and there is the problem that it remains in the skin. Recently stitching with cog was released in the market.

10. Band lift

Band lift is a procedure that incises about 1.5cm from behind the ear, and inserts a thin goretex strip in in the cheek. Waiting more than a month after the first insertion, after fixation of the goretex and skin, the same area is incised, being pulled as desired then lifted and fixed firmly on the back of the ear. After several years if skin droops, it is incised again and repeated and. This can be used for droopy neck. Must be cautious of possible nerve damage when dissecting.

11.Accu® lift

Accu® lift induces tightening and lifting by delivering heat to the skin in the desired direction. It is based on the theory of selective phototherolysis which occurs in optical fiber less than 1mm and uses accusculpt fat dissolution laser whose wave length is 1444nm. Especially, if used for aging with fatness, such as cheeks, wrinkles and jowls, fat can be reduced and lifted. Also, if fat under the eye tends to bulge due to aging, it can be used to melt fat and move it to concave area below the eye.

12. Mini or MACS lift

Mini or MACS facial lift must be considered for those in their 60s~70s whose cheeks droop severely and are not elastic and doesn’t improve with all of the above methods. Incision will be done in the hairline and along the anterior border of the ear. Incising the remaining skin and lifting the fascia, it will be fixed with a pouch suture. It is best not to overdo this procedure to prevent masking face.

13. Functional cosmetics, food, etc.

If you prefer medication instead of procedures, you can take or apply lots of cosmeceuticals like antioxidants like green tea or berry substances, coenzyme Q10, vitamin A,C,E therapy, etc. for anti-aging. As a scientific management utilizing drug delivery system, it can bring higher effects.In addition, correction of pigmentation, skin lipid barrier restoration, hair loss due to aging and treating gray hair are also major concerns of anti-aging.
> Other possible ant-aging therapy

- Fat under eyes, dark circles. Eye wrinkles
- wrinkles
- Lip wrinkles
- Neck
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